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Estimating requires accuracy throughout the entire job and mis-costing just one process can damage your margins. Specify each process in detail, establish the exact requirements and build a detailed picture of what is needed from thousands of combinations and options.

Multiple prints are nested to minimise material use. This material requirement becomes a stock or purchasing need which is handled in the rest of the software prior to production and fulfilment. Streamline your entire process with our pre-configured templates.

Why Choose Clarity Calc Wizards

complex pricing Software?

Clarity can transform your whole business process from Quoting and Estimating, through to production and Invoicing. With Claritys Calc-wizards your complex pricing is made simple so that you can always be confident when pricing up a job and working out your margins. It saves you hours. There is nothing else like it on the market.

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Deliver complex quotes with ease and seamlessly optimise stock management

Close the feedback loop between quoting and stock management for complete transparency Build a library of jobs and save them for next time. Set your preferred substrates, materials, and labour rates as template jobs. Ensure the right machines are being used with optimised nesting. Work smarter not harder when you use templates.

Just change the quantity and size and the cost is calculated. With all processes included, you have the option to add any extras or adjust margins. Labour and Materials requirements are calculated and planned automatically. And with roll print jobs, jobs are queued from partial or full roll stock providing optimal use of material. No more worrying that you’ve forgotten something. Clarity provides super-charged estimating for digital print. And it’s unrivalled in the market