We offer two main software solutions, Clarity Go and Clarity Pro. Both are built with similar features but have some differences in capability. You can find a full breakdown of the two here.

Clarity Pro

Clarity Pro is where we started. It is the full package when it comes to software, offering Pro features, Integrations and add-ons. Clarity Pro is a desktop installed software packed full of powerful features. Clarity has grown since the first version in 2001 making it one of the most powerful CRM software solutions on the market. We are well known for our Complex Pricing Calculators and Quoting efficiency. It enhances your workflow rate making your workforce perform better.

For more information about Clarity Pro click here.

Clarity Go

Clarity Go is our newest product with similar features to Pro but all in the cloud. This means you can work on the go, on any device. Clarity Go offers a more flexible solution for people looking to grow and expand their business. Give your team the tools they need to become a more productive workforce, get rid of paperwork and know exactly where each job is at.

Clarity Go offers a FREE Trial period where you can cancel anytime. For more information on Clarity Go please click here.

The basic package comes with eight core modules:

  • Contacts - to create and store customer contact detail.

  • Activities - to record details of every interaction with your customers.

  • Marketing - analyse your marketing campaigns.

  • Sales - analyse sales activities, so you can do more of what works.

  • Price Lists - store centralised price lists, ensuring every estimate is accurate.

  • Quotes/Jobs - create new quotes and estimates with a few mouse clicks.

  • Invoices - automatically generate invoices.

  • Reports - view dashboards and reports of your entire operation.

In addition to the basic package, you can add on the following optional modules:

  • Production - allows you to schedule and run your production team.

  • Goods - a stock management system, helping you to manage your goods in and out.

  • Deliveries - manage your fitting and delivery schedule electronically from start to finish and if you bolt-on the Proof of delivery app, collect electronic signatures.

  • Purchase Orders - Create and issue purchase orders, driven by confirmed jobs or automatically due to stock replenishment requirements.

  • Cost Analysis - see a summary of the profit and margin made per job.

  • Network - derive customer information directly from your eCommerce site.

Good news! Clarity integrates with your favourite software packages meaning you can keep everything seamlessly in one central location. No need to duplicate data entry wasting you hours in admin time.

Clarity Software Integrates with the following packages:

  • Clarity Pro & Clarity Go

  • Zoho

  • Hubspot

  • Mailchimp

  • Xero

  • Sage 50, Sage 200

  • Dropbox

  • Google Drive

  • Quickbooks

  • Google Drive

  • Kashflow

  • MS Dynamics Business Central

For a full list of features and integrations click here.

Absolutely. Clarity Software is especially designed to work for the digital, print and sign industries and that includes managing and building complex bespoke jobs.

Don't get us wrong though Clarity is a powerful bit of kit that can be customised for any industry and company size. You can get a FREE demo here.

Clarity is easy to use, whether you are a computer genius or you need a little help, Clarity offers simple to use importing features. This means you can import your business data quick and easy straight from an Excel file (CSV).

Alternatively if you would like us to help you set things up we offer onboarding packages starting from £0. You can find more information here.

Absolutely – to us, size doesn’t matter. We have a lot of customers with just a single license and at the other end of the scale, we cater for companies who need hundreds.

If you are unsure on which package best suits your business size and how Clarity can benefit your business. Talk to our lovely sales team here.

We are confident that the time saved by using Clarity Software, along with the efficiencies you’ll gain and costs you’ll avoid will quickly give you a financial benefit. Our customers agree, with most seeing a ROI in the first 12 months of investing in Clarity.

That’s a tricky one, as it depends on your current processes and which elements of Clarity you decide to use. As an indication though, some customers have been able to save a day per week in quoting and processing time alone.

On Average our clients have saved hours:







We understand that your business outgoings are important that is why we have made sure your ROI when purchasing Clarity outweighs the price of our software. We also made sure that we are priced correctly based on competitors and the features we offer compared to theirs.

Payment Plans

We offer many different payment plans for all of our products. You can find a full breakdown of costing here.